Friday, January 8, 2010

Self Hypnosis for Dating Confidence

All hot women are attracted to guys with high levels of confidence and self esteem.

If you lack confidence, i.e. you get insecure around women in general or just particularly hot women, then you need to enhance your confidence as part of your self-improvement program that is necessary to attract lots of women over the long run.

Women love it when a man improves himself without external force. In other words self motivated attitude to be better and better goes a long way in developing the attitude that high quality women just can't resist. This will make your dating life much much easier.

Any insecurities you may have around women can be significantly reduced if you focus your mind regularly on positive affirmations and thoughts that lead to you being more confident, open and affectionate with women.

Extract from WebMD about hypnosis:

Hypnosis is merely a tool -- a technique to tap into the subconscious, says Oster, who heads the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

No pocket watches are involved and no one clucks like a chicken afterward.

In fact hypnosis is a state of concentration and focused attention. With it the mind can be more powerful. You simply have slipped into your subconscious.

In a hypnotherapist's office, you can learn self-hypnosis. Don't worry, you won't lose control. You won't do anything against your will. "No one takes away our choice under any conditions -- no one can make you do anything you wouldn't normally do," says Jane Ann Covington, a hypnotist in Atlanta and founder of the Hypnosis Institute International Center for Developing Mastery.

In hypnosis, you don't even lose consciousness, Covington tells WebMD.

Read more at WebMd's article "Hypnosis Goes Mainstream". Learn more about hypnosis from WebMD here.

The following videos use an advanced sound technology called Binaural Beats that help you relax deeply so you can access a more focused mental state (for self hypnosis) easily.

For the binaural beats to work you must use stereo headphones.

Focusing your mind on what you want, with words and pictures, helps you slip new ideas and habits into your subconscious. So focusing on confidence and successful dating experiences it will become easier and easier for you to maintain that attitude in everyday life.

Listen to only one video at a time. Bookmark this page to do listen to these audios regularly for the most improvement.

This audio video is 9 minutes long and is designed to help you improve your confidence so you can attract more women.

This audio video is 15 minutes long and is designed to focus your thoughts on opening up more in relationships which will make more and more women want to continue dating you.

Dating Tips for Men: Use Self Confidence To Date More Women
by explorer9360

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Friday, January 1, 2010

There Are Many Fish In The Sea

Many guys think they have to put all their effort to get one woman. They get stressed out when approaching women because they fear rejection yet there are beautiful women everywhere so if you meet a bunch of women then your chances of getting along with at least one is really large. From this perspective getting rejected is a blessing as you can move on to the next woman who may be more in sync with you.

Truly understanding that there are many fish in the sea means that you can meet tons of women with confidence and not care about 'getting' her. The type of seduction that involves getting a woman - every woman possible - reeks of desperation and insecurity. Real seduction is fun. You get along with the woman you are talking to. Women are very intuitive and know when they are being hit on so there is no question of 'secretly' seducing her. If she likes you and you act properly then you have high chances of getting a date.

Many men function from a poverty consciousness which assumes that there are very few women available and you have to struggle to get one and fear being rejected because that decreases the number of women you can meet and it just proves you are a loser. That sort of mentality can never really lead to fun and exciting dating but more of a needy type of dating experience.

There are so many women and these women are looking for men to date. So have fun, don't cling, always talk to many women and date allot. This will keep you from obsessing about one woman or relationship.

Having a sense of freedom when dating that 'I don't have to get this woman I'm with I can just have fun talking' is a quality that women find very attractive and can make you even more successful at dating.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tips On Body Language for Successful Flirting

Male and female courtship signals have been studied, and the basic conclusions are that these signals are completely unconscious. The more you consciously understand the signals, the better and more successful you will be when courting the object of your desire, whether it is the man or woman of your dreams.

To master the art of successful flirting, you have to feel good about yourself first. Be confident. Be yourself, or else you will look deceitful or desperate. Flirting can be utilized in just about anything, not just in attracting the opposite sex, but also in attaining just about anything you want in your life. This can be described as good flirting. Good flirting should be done with a precise understanding of what you really want, coupled with positive sensations.

Here are their tips on how you can put good flirting to your advantage:

1. Don't worry about whether you are making a good impression or not. Instead, analyze how you can make the other person feel good. By doing this, you will get the feedback you are expecting. Soon you will make the connection.

2. Flirting can help you make friends or impress a client if you make yourself approachable. Put a smile on your face, as it gives you an aura of being friendly.

3. Remember that you cannot attract people just by sitting or standing like a statue. There will be instances when you will encounter a person who gets a little bit too close for comfort feel, or someone who makes you feel you are already invading privacy. No matter what you do, you would get a so-called "vacuum" reaction. Tough one, huh? You can avoid this by using gentle moves and by calibrating the person's reactions to you. Be aware of these signals: mouths get larger, the lips swell, eyes widen, pupils dilate, skin flushes and changes color, muscles around the mouth move, among others.

4. Be persistent. Flirting works best when you are patient. By being such, you will have room for improvement if at first you aren't getting the results you want. If you fail the first time, do it again the second time, third time, just keep trying. Try different approaches until you realize what will really work best for you. If you were rejected, don't give up. This goes with the sayings, "To err is human" and "Nobody's perfect."

5. This is probably for me the most interesting and somehow funniest tip I got: "Practice in the mirror, only then can you make it perfect!" This is especially true in meeting friends and prospects, because flirting may involve unwanted actions and attention which can put you in the bad light. You may be spontaneous in your actions, but you can't guard yourself if you are already overdoing it, and I supposed you don't want to be in that situation. Try practicing with your close friends and ask for feedback.

6. Make the first move! Opportunities knock only once, so if you want something or even someone, go for it, now! Let go of your inhibitions. But remember to apply positive or good flirting. Who knows if the person you meet at that moment is your gateway towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Signs Of Flirtation For Dating Success

To improve your dating success learn how to read body language. Body language can tell you when someone finds you interesting. Sometimes improving our dating success is learning how to tell if someone is interested. Here are some signals of flirtation.

If you meet a stranger, in a business conference, for instance, you look at them in a zigzag manner. You look from one eye to the other, and across the bridge of her or his nose. If you look at a friend you take your eyes below eye level, peering at them in the shape of a triangle, not only looking from eye to eye but also looking at their mouth and nose. If, however, you are flirting, you increase the area of your triangle, widening at the bottom to take in more of her or his body, and will move our gaze more intently from one eye to the other. You'll also look more at the person's mouth. If you see this pattern, especially if she or he is looking often at your mouth, it's a flirt. That person may be longing to kiss you.

Recognizing these habits can help you in your reading body language and can improve your dating success.

If you want to do your own sort of body language to improve dating success and let the recipient read you, try mirroring what he or she does. Do whatever that person you're flirting with does. When he leans into you to talk, lean towards him. If she sits back, sips her drink and looks right into your eyes, pause a bit and then do exactly the same. This reading of body language and then mirroring it is supposed to improve dating success because people like people who are like them. If you and they are doing the same things, then that person with whom you are flirting is apt to think you are on her or his wave length and in the same mood.

There are a couple of cautions with this body language, though. It won't improve your dating success if the person is reading your body language as mimicking or making fun of. What you want to do is capture the basic spirit of what she or he is doing, and only mirror positive interaction. In general, you'll want to wait nearly one minute before you read her or his body language and respond with the same mannerisms.

Reading body language can require practice, and to improve your dating success you'll have to be very observant. One of the indicators, for example, that someone finds you appealing lasts less than a second. It's the eyebrow rise. When a person sees someone he or she finds attractive his eyebrows rise and then fall. It's an unconscious habit and happens no matter what country or culture you're in. If the other person might be trying to improve her or his dating success by reading your body language you might try holding your raised eyebrows for a second or two, and give her or him the message you are interested.

The trick is to watch for it when you meet someone you fancy. Better still, tell them you're interested on a subconscious level by prolonging your eyebrow flash for up to one second - deliberately raise them while catching their eye for full impact

The following is a news report that goes into more detail...